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A comprehensive review on various Novel Drug Delivery Systems and their challenges in designing of Herbal drug Formulations

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Kirubakaran.N, Umashankar M.S., Saumya Surekha, Dr Abdul Rahman Mohammed ALAnsari, Barinderjit Singh , Yashi Srivastava
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.123


From the traditional time onwards it has been attempt of the physician and the apothecary to provide patients with the best possible forms of medicines so that recovery from disease is faster and complete of the Treatment regimen. The drugs are designed and delivered in a suitable desired form of formulations keeping in view of patient’s safety, efficacy and acceptability among other biological factors like bioavailability, to avoid drug incompatibility, drug resistance etc. With the continues progress in all spheres of science and technology in the segment of pharmaceutical field, the dosage forms have evolved from simple dosage form like mixtures and pills to highly sophisticated technology like intensive drug delivery systems, which are pharmaceutically known as Novel Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS). The present study elaborately review the various Novel delivery systems like Phytosome, Liposomes, Nanoparticles, Niosomes, Proniosomes, Self emulsifyed drug delivery systems (SEDDS), Transdermal Drug Delivery System, Microspheres, Ethosomes, Transfereosomes, , Self nano emulsifyed drug delivery systems (SNEDDSs), Dendrimers and its applications in design and delivery of herbal formulations to improve the safety and efficacy .Also the review elaborated the retrospective research on novel drug formulations with herbs in various segments like Phytosome, Liposomes, Nanoparticles, Niosomes, Proniosomes, Transdermal Drug Delivery System, Microspheres, Ethosomes etc.,

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