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A classical approach on Artemisinin: The Chinese wonder drug

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Kalpita Bhatta,1* Himansu Bhusan Samal2, Bhagyajyoti Baral3, Pratikshya Mohanty1 and Snigdha Behera1
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.78


Cancer and Malaria are the two serious disease that has been the biggest challenges of the century. The issue of climate change and global warming has worsened the problems to many folds. However, the pandemic of COVID-19 has added woes to the reeling problem of these two disease and hasten the mortality rate of human population to a greater number. Some of the shortcomings of presently used drugs are poor solubility and toxicity. Therefore, an innovative and integrative approach is required to overcome the above said limitations of drugs. Artemisinin based compound therapies (ACT) can be one of the promising treatment for all the problems as a potent factor of herbal remedies in curing the disease. ACT combines Artemisinin derivatives (ATRs) with a distinct group of drugs for their action. This process is more efficient and act faster than any other one. Artemisinin obtained from Artemisinin annua was first discovered for malaria and later on its was found suitable for cancer and Covid -19 making it a wonder drug. In this review we tried to redefine the role of Artemisinin with a particular emphasis on its anti-malaria, neoplastic activity and COVID-19. We have adopted a pragmatic approach to include the mechanism by which it act and its role in future for treating the diseases which has cause high morbidity in human population.

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