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3D printing in pharmacy: A burgeoning field in development of drug delivery system

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Jeevandeep Mishra, Dr. Shiv Hardenia, Dr. D.K. Jain
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.si6.150


Three-dimensional printing (3DP) is an emerging field that can be found in medicine, electronic, aviation and other fields. 3DP technology are constantly implemented to novel fields, laying foundation for a new commercial revolution. Basically, 3DP is a fabrication method in which routinely layer-by-layer substance are being deposited to create various layout of choice. It is beneficial for remedy with slim therapeutics indices. 3DP can fabricate stable dosage shape with variable densities and diffusivities, complicated inner geometries, a couple of tablets and excipients. 3DP technology inclusive of stereolithography, deposition modeling, inject- primarily based totally printing and selective laser sintering were developed. The need of computer aided design (CAD) in 3DP technology permits the producing of drug method among the preferred launch free and pattern. Recently, the FDA has authorized 3DP tablet known as Spritam, which distinctly increase with inside the coaching of fabricated drug shipping device and customized medicine. 3DP technology can be used for targeted drug release. In addition, this article illustrates the methods, convenience, deprivation, application and challenges of 3DP technology within side the subject of pharmaceutical method development.

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