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Swachh Bharat Abhiyan - Awareness, Perception and Participation of rural people of Gautam Buddh Nagar District, Uttar Pradesh

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Menali Bajaj, Dr. Pradeep Kumar Aggarwal, Ankit Raj Singh
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.Si6.026


In its continuous endeavor to attain clean Bharat as also to sensitize people regarding this drive, on October 2 2014; GOI launched Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (SBA). The first phase of SBA was successfully concluded on October 2 2019. The research focuses on awareness, perception & participation of people living in rural areas of Gautam Buddh Nagar. After cleaning the data 384 respondents from 430 were chosen with the minimum age as 18 years. 94.8% of the respondents heard about SBA. 69.3% have stopped practicing Open Defecation. A significant association between awareness of SBA and gender was observed, however, the same was missing with education. Though there is substantial awareness amongst the masses about sanitation and OD behavior the same is missing in its practice and implementation. Therefore, it is imperative that the guidelines and policies of SBA be revisited and substantial work on ground level must be to facilitate for toilet usage behaviour.

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