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Dr.Amol.U.Gayke1 , Miss Priyanka Bankar2 , Prof.Preetam L.Nikam3 , Dr.R.S.Kalkotwar3 , Prof Dr.Pavan S.Avhad4
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.9.178


The objective of this research work is mainly to develop a concept for modified release formulation using acid bead solubliser as a core and utilise this concept todeliver actives of cardiovascular category such as Dipyridamole and CarvedilolPhosphate from a bead/ Pellet formulation. Aspirin is used in combination withdipyridamole to produce synergistic effect to reduce clot formation, in this researchwork a novel aspirin pellet formulation is developed which can be used incombination with any other actives to provide synergistic effect. The major focus ofthis platform technology development is to come up with possible generic costeffective pharmaceutically equivalent formulation. Attempt has been made to investigate Dipyridamole as model drug and under similar concept Carvedilolphosphate was investigated using acid bead technology. A pH modulation iscommonly used to develop a product with actives which has pH dependant solubility.Dipyridamole and Carvedilol phosphate fall under same category of cardiovascular drugs with pH dependant solubility; hence this proposed platform can be evaluated forboth the drugs. Both products do not have generic formulation in the US market; thisprovides a great challenge to overcome product limitations to have stable,bioequivalent, commercially viable product. Dipyridamole modified release capsule isavailable as Aggrenox® in USA, Persantin® in UK & Asasantin® in UK, Australia.

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