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Investigation of Thermodynamical parameters of ZnxMg(1-x)TS Single Crystals

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G. Meena, C.V. Soma Sundari, N. Neelakanda Pillai, M.J. Uma
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.si6.188


A wide variety of novel inorganic, organic and semi organic non-linear optical materials are being developed in recent years. For the transmission of data, in many devices photons are used instead of electrons and the development in nonlinear optical crystals aids this application. In this aspect, in the present work tailor-made semi-organic NLO crystals of ZnxMg(1-x)TS were grown by slow evaporation techniques for various values of x (x = 0 to 1). The density of the grown crystals was determined by conventional flotation technique and composition was estimated from the measured density. The thermodynamical parameters like melting point, thermal stability, thermal activation energy, frequency factor, entropy, enthalpy and Gibb’s free energy were determined by using Broido Method, Coats and Redfern Method and Horowitz and Metzger Method from the TG/DSC curves recorded in the temperature range 30 to 1010ºC. The thermal activation energy, frequency factor, entropy and enthalpy were determined to vary non-linearly with bulk composition, and also observed that the thermodynamical parameters obey Horowitz and Metzger method

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