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1 V.Jayabharathi, 2 Dr.S.Sukumaran
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.105


Security in network communication is of the utmost importance. The two primary elements of cryptography are encryption and decryption, which allow for the transmission of private and secret information through an insecure network. Unauthenticated users must not have access to data in order for them to utilize it improperly. Data encryption technology is widely used to protect the confidentiality of text data in the network, but when users need to access the data, the layer of encryption becomes a barrier. Cryptography is used to prevent the plain text of a cipher from being decrypted without the accompanying key. If you utilize solid encryption, it is practically hard to crack the algorithm or the key using brute force. The suggested task Advanced LightGBM algorithm describes the symmetric and dissymmetric of SCDA dataset text document and to directly process decrypted text. This ability to directly extract in the decrypted state aids in protecting the confidential data into encrypted format transmitted over the computer network key size value. The suggested approach for message communication in this paper is utilized to handle a variety of message kinds, making it possible to exchange special characters and ASCII characters more securely and quickly.

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