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A New Data Security with Privacy-Preserving and Deduplication based Cloud Storage through Public Cloud Auditing in Cloud Computing

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Sulthana ASR,Dr.K.Juliana Gnanaselvi
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.57


The field of Cloud computing is an thought-provoking arena of research that enables user accumulating and preserving data on cloud servers and offers inexpensive, measurable, simultaneously efficient and reliable outsourcing storage services. Currently surrendering of private data to cloud service providers (CSPs) is accomplished by various person and companies in terms of the benefits of cloud storage over expenses and maintenance. Anyways, this innovative data storage structure still meets several new security and efficiency threats. This research proposes Confidentiality and Trust Aware-Preserving Deduplication Cloud Storage Scheme promoting public cloud auditing (CTAPDA) with that motivation. Comprises of four steps, the research work at first proposing an effective recovery technique for retrieving the deleted data based on Hybrid Flower Pollination and Gaussian function based Genetic Algorithm (HFPGFGA). In second step, safer file deduplication on encrypted file that helps reliable implementation atmosphere for deduplication of cloud storage structure for the particular copy, also identifies secure verification tag deduplication. In third step, The CTAPDA program uses the Dual Integrity Convergent Encryption technique to guarantee the privacy of data throughout the process of file deduplication and integrity audit. At final, apart from helping every data owner to initiate their own files' integrity auditing by themselves, the proposed scheme also helps regularly in consignment of cloud server to the unknown auditor to perform several auditing responsibilities simultaneously for safeguarding the outsourced records integrity. Also, the reliability which is the significant factor achieved by the CTAPDA scheme's. Also simulation experiments and numerical analysis are carried out to validate its performance.

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