Comparative study of the essential oils of Monodora myristica from Nigeria

Ignatius Adekunle Owokotomo, O. Ekundayo



The essential oils from seeds and stem-bark of monodora myristica (Annonaceae) growing wild in south western Nigeria and used as spice in many parts of Nigeria were extracted by hydrodistillation and analysed by GC- MS. The percentage yields of oils were 2.16%v/w and 0.25%v/w, respectively. The seeds essential oil contained germacrene D-4-ol (25.48%), tricyclo[5.2.1(1,5)dec-2-ene(13.35%),  δ-cadinene(11.09%) and linelool(15.10%) as major constituents while the dominant constituents of the stems-bark oil were γ-cadinene(31.31%), α-elemene(17.98%), α-cubebene (6.70%) and γ-muurolene(5.94%). The major constituents of the seeds oil of Monodora myristica from Nigeria were compared based on literature.

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