Corrosion resistance of 18 Carat Gold in Synthetical Saliva in Presence of Almox 250 DT Tablet

Pandia Rajan, Krishna Veni, Susai Rajendran


Corrosion Resistance of 18 carat gold in artificial saliva, in the absence and presence of a Tablet, namely, Almox 250 DT has been evaluated by polarization study. It is observed that when 50 ppm of Almox is added to analytical saliva, linear polarization resistance  of 18 carat gold increases, in presence of 50 ppm of 18 carat gold. Similar observation is made in presence of 200 ppm of Almox also. Hence it is concluded that people having orthodontic wires made of 18 carat gold, can take the Tablet Almox 250 DT without any hesitation, because in its presence corrosion resistance of 18 carat gold increases.

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