Eaton’s Reagent Catalyzed Synthesis, Invitro α-Amylase Inhibitory Activity and Molecular Docking Study of some Schiff’s Bases as Diabetic-II Inhibitors

S Kauthale, S. Tekale, A. Rode, R. Patil, J. Sangshetti, L. Kótai, R. P. Pawar


A series of Schiff’s bases of p-tolylsulphonyl hydrazide were synthesized by using Eaton's reagent under solvent-free condition, characterized by spectroscopic data and for evaluated α-amylase inhibitory activity in vitro. Four among the studied compounds exhibited varying degrees of α-amylase inhibitory activity with IC50 values in the range of 115.48 to 169.42 µg mL-1. The observed results were supported by the molecular docking study performed to understand the binding interaction of the title compounds with the active site of α-amylase enzyme. Results suggest that Schiff's bases of p-tolylsulphonyl hydrazide derivatives can act as potential antidiabetic drugs.

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