The plant of PSS and its distribution

Chemical Study for Secondary Metabolites in the Roots of Polygonum Strindbergii Schust. in Bull. Herb. Boiss. Ser.

Hong Yan Ma, Li Rong Nie, Shun Yao


To study the secondary metabolites in Polygonum Strindbergii Schust. in Bull. Herb. Boiss. ser. in Yunnan province of China, the grinded roots were extracted with IL aqueous solution, partitioned by organic solvents and isolated by column chromatography repeatedly. Eight compounds were obtained and their structures were identified by spectral methods, which were found from the plant for the first time. Moreover, the key conditions of ILs application were investigated, which are wished to be helpful for related researchers. The plant was supposed to be further utilized and developed as a meaningful natural resource in the genus.

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