Antifungal and anti-termite activities, total phenolic content of Prosopis Farcta extracts; and attempts to develop weed biocontrol method against it

A Azab


Prosopis farcta is a very common weed in the Near East and its an invasive plant of south western parts of the USA. Despite being sufficiently studied in the past, some its activities were not published. In this research, we studied the antifungal and anti-termite activities of four extracts of the plant aerial parts: aqueous, ethanolic, ethyl acetate and hexane. In addition, since the published reports of total phenolic content (TPC) are not consistent, we tested this as well. We also tested the potential of the aqueous extract of Carya illinoinensis as possible weed biocontrol against P. farcta.

Results: n-hexane extract had highest antifungal and anti-terimite activities. TPC was found around 13.9 mg of gallic acid equivalent for 1 g of dry ethanolic extract (highest). The attempts to use aqueous extract of C. illinoinensis for weed biocontrol of P. farcta achieved very limited success

Keywords: Prosopis farcta, antifungal, anti-termite, total phenolic content, flavonoids, biocontrol

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