Cation Exchange Mechanism of Divalent Metals ions onto Synthetic NaX and LTA Zeolites: Efficiency and Selectivity

Zeinab Ezzeddine, Isabelle Batonneau-Gener, Yannick Pouilloux


Herein, the removal of divalent heavy metals by two types of zeolites was investigated. The mechanism of cation exchange for Cu2+, Ni2+, Cd2+ and Pb2+ on NaX Faujasite and Linde type A (LTA) zeolites was fully studied. Both zeolites were very efficient in divalent heavy metals removal from water. Ion exchange isotherms were performed and the thermodynamic parameters were calculated as well. Based on Kielland plots, the order of selectivity was not the same for both zeolites. For NaX it followed the following order Pb2+ > Cu2+ > Cd2+ > Ni2+ while for LTA: Pb2+ > Cd2+ > Cu2+ > Ni2+. Exchange velocity (k_w) and the radii of the hydrated metals ions were involved in determining this order of selectivity.

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