Application of polyaniline /sawdust composite for removal of Acid GREEN 25 from aqueous solutions: Kinetics and thermodynamic studies

Reza Ansari, Hamid Dezhampanah


This research deals with the application of polyaniline coated onto wood sawdust (PAni/SD) for the removal of anionic or acidic dyes from aqueous solutions.  Acid green 25 (AG 25) was selected as test probe throughout of the current investigation as a typical anionic dye. Adsorption experiments were carried out using batch system in order to do equilibrium adsorption isotherm, kinetics and thermodynamic studies. The results indicated that unmodified wood sawdust is a very poor adsorbent for anionic dyes, but when coated by polyaniline (PAni/SD), it is changed into a very efficient adsorbent material for adsorption of AG 25 from aqueous solutions. It was found that chemical modification of agricultural wastes such as sawdust with polyaniline is leaded to a great enhancement in anionic dye removal efficiency. The findings seem to be important for application of the introduced biocomposite of polyaniline as an efficient new nonconventional adsorbent in dye removal technology.

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