Developing Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Blends for Industrial Applications

Ebtesam E. Ateia, D. E. El-Nashar, E. Takla, M. AbdAlla Mahmoud


Different contents of high abrasion furnace black filler [HAF] and white filler [Silica] are mixed with Ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber [EPDM] cured by conventional sulfur system. The thermo Gravimetric Analysis TGA, physico-mechanical properties and swelling measurements of the prepared samples are investigated. EDAX analyses are done to define the chemical composition of the investigated samples and to locate the dispersion of the filler and its intensity.  Comparison between black and white fillers is recognized and it is found that, filler incorporation into the rubber matrix is one of the major parameters that enhance the tensile strength and swelling resistance. Hardness of the investigated samples increases with increasing the filler concentration up to 40/ 60 phr. This increase can be attributed to greater and uniform dispersion of filler into the rubber system.  Carbon / silica are extensively used in the industry as cheapening filler with high reinforcing effect. Finally, the addition of precipitated silica at the expanse of toxic carbon black is a main step in decreasing the health risk associated with the presence of CB-filled EPDM composites.

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