Electrochemical synthesis of composite compounds

Nodar Gasviani, Gulnara Kipiani, Raul Kokilashvili, Nino Skhiladze, Grigol Imnadze


The pecularities of electrochemical preparation of composite materials (intermetallides, polymetallic powders: CoTaMo, CoNbMo, YMoMn, YAl) from various compounds (CoF2, Nb2O5, YF3, Na2MoO4, MnCl2, AlF3, Na3AlF6) against the background of halide metals: K,Na/Cl, K/ClF were studied. X-ray phase and chemical analyses of obtained materials were carried out.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17628/ecb.2017.6.132-134


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