Heat-resistant electroplatings of industrial function

Gulnara Kipiani, Grigol Mamniashvili, Nodar Gasviani, Sergo Gasviani, Lia Abazadze, Tatiana Melashvili


By the method of galvanic electrolysis the heat-resistant nickel- and nickel-molybdenum electroplatings of high quality were prepared on copper and aluminum bases. Obtained platings are uniform, non – porous and are characterized by high adhesion.  The optimal parameters of the process (current density, electrolysis duration, ratio between anode currents of molybdenum and nickel) were determined. MicroX-ray and fluorescence analyses of obtained samples were carried out. Molybdenum content in the plating was determined. The existence of fine-dispersed phases of MoNi3 and MoNi4 were established. Electrical and mechanical properties of above – mentioned platings were studied after the heat treatment for their operation at high temperatures.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17628/ecb.2016.5.29-32


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