Silica gel supported γ-ferrite as a heterogenous catalyst for high yield synthesis of β-lactam (2-azetidinones) under eco-friendaly conditions via 1,2,4,triazole

Kalpana Avasthi, Ritu Yadav, Ashish Bohre


A mild and efficient method has been reported for the preparation of Schiff base  through the condensation reaction of various aromatic aldehydes with substituted aromatic amines in the presence of silica supported γ-Ferrite (ferric oxide) as a heterogeneous catalyst  under solvent-free conditions. and this Schiff base used for Environmentally benign synthesis followed by the reaction with chloroacetylchloride in green conditions to yield the β-lactams (a-l) with excellent yields. The advantages of this eco-friendly, mild economic method are such as simplicity of  the reaction procedure, moderate to high product yields, and simple working steps, very short reaction times.

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