An overview on synthetic methods of iso-amyl benzoate

Liu Shu, You Hongjun


Nowadays a few of synthetic methods of iso-amyl benzoate using different catalysts such as sulfonic acid (p-toluene-sulfonic acid and aryl sulphonic acid), inorganic salt (NH4Fe(SO4)2∙12H2O, NaHSO4∙H2O, Fe2(SO4)3 ∙xH2O and FeCl3∙6H2O), heteropolyacid (H4O40W12 and TiSiW12O40/TiO2) and solid super acid (Ti(SO4)2/TiO2 and Zr(SO4)2∙4H2O) have been reviewed in the present paper. The yields of iso-amyl benzoate are improved by the addition of above catalysts. These methods are having the advantages of simple process and low investment costs.

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