The Viscometric Analysis of Biodiesel from Mustard and Coconut Oil

Olamide A. Oshodi, Chikaodili E. Chukwuneke, Okoro Linus


In this research, we report biodiesel production and viscometric analysis from Mustard oil and Coconut oil, by subjecting the oil to a temperature of 65oC through base catalyzed transesterification with the use of KOH as a catalyst. The biodiesel synthesized from Mustard oil was blended with petroleum diesel in the following percentage by volume 20%, 40%, 50%, 70% and 80% corresponding to B20, B40, B50, B70 and B80 respectively.  The fatty acid methyl ester of Mustard oil was mixed with that of Coconut oil in the ratio of 80:20, 60:40 and 50:50 respectively. Viscometric analysis was carried out and the results obtained.

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