Methanolysis of N-Acetoxy-N-n-propyloxy-N’,N’-dimethylurea in Different Conditions

Vasiliy Georgievich Shtamburg, Alexandr Valerievich Tsygankov, Victor Vasilievich Shtamburg, Andrey Alexandrovich Anishchenko, Alexander Vladimirovich Mazepa, Remir Grigorievich Kostyanovsky


The methanolysis of N-acetoxy-N-n-propyloxy-N’,N’-dimethylurea in the presence of strong acids at room temperatures or in the boiling methanol yields N,N-dimethoxy-N’,N’-dimethylurea as final product. Primarily the nucleophilic substitution acetoxy group at nitrogen on methoxy group arises. At second stage the transesterification of N,N-dialkoxyamino group of formed N-methoxy-N-n-propyloxy-N’,N’-dimethylurea take place.

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