Liquid–Solid extraction of mercury (II) from aqueous solution by chelating resin Chelex-100

Afaf Amara-Rekkab, Mohamed Amine Didi


The sorption of mercury (II) from aqueous medium on a chelating resin Chelex 100 has been studied in batch mode. Since the extraction kinetic was obtained, with a mixture of 0.1 g of resin and 5 mL of mercury (II) at 200. 59 mg/L of initial concentration, extraction equilibrium was reached within 180 min of mixing. The influence of some parameters such as initial mercury (II) ion concentration, initial pH of aqueous solution, ion strength  and the amounts of resin have been studied at fixed temperature (20±1 °C). The optimum pH value level for quantitative sorption was 5.7. The best performance obtained was 98.0% of extraction yield equivalent to 14.19 mg /g of resin. The pseudo-first- order equation, pseudo-second-order equation, the intra-particle diffusion model and Boyd’s diffusivity model were used to describe the kinetics data and rate constants were evaluated. The Freundlich and Langmuir adsorption models were applied to describe the equilibrium isotherms.

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