Application of Chloranil and Fluoranil π-Acceptors for the Spectrophotometric Determination of Mesalamine in Pharmaceutical Bulk and Dosage Forms

Theia'a N. Al-Sabhaa, Mohammed S. Al-Enizzi, Omar A. Al-Taee


Two simple, sensitive and accurate spectrophotometric methods for the determination of mesalamine are described. The methods are based on charge-transfer complex formation reactions of the drug with two π-electron acceptors, p-chloranil and p-fluoranil, in aqueous medium. The coloured complexes having maximum absorbance at 346 nm and 347 nm by using p-chloranil and p-fluoranil reagents respectively. Under the optimized experimental conditions, the calibration curves showed a linear relationship over the concentration ranges of 1–35 and 1-30 μgml1 with molar absorptivity values  4.60×103 and 5.67×103 L. using above reagents respectively. The limits of detection and quantitation were found 0.376 and 1.25 μgml1 using p-chloranil, respectively, and 0.333 and 1.111 μgml1 using p-fluoranil, respectively. The complexes were found to be formed in ratio of 1:1 species in both methods, with stability constants of 6.9´104 and 5.1´105 L.mol-1 for mesalamine complexes with p-chloranil and p-fluoranil respectively. The methods were applied successfully to the assay of mesalamine in  pharmaceutical formulations and was agreed well with its certified value

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