Crystal Structures of 1-Benzoyl-2-hydroxy-7-methoxynaphthalene Analogues: Dimeric Features of the Molecular Packing

Akiko Okamoto, Atushi Nagasawa, Noriyuki Yonezawa


Molecular alignments of 1-aroyl-2-hydroxy-7-methoxynaphthalene analogues are classified into two groups, i.e., molecular stacking standing one behind another and dimeric aggregates.  In single molecular structures, the 1-aroyl-2-hydroxy-7-methoxynaphthalene analogues show apparently same spatial organizations.  The carbonyl groups in these molecules form intramolecular O–H…O=C hydrogen bonds with the adjacent hydroxy groups, affording six-membered cyclic structures.  The aroyl groups constrained by the intramolecular hydrogen bonds essentially induce dimeric aggregates via formation of a pair of intermolecular O–H…O=C hydrogen bonds.  When interactions led by the substituents of the benzene rings reduce the stability by the intermolecular O–H…O=C hydrogen bonds, the molecular packing should turn one-behind-one type piling.

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