Characterization of Water/n-Propanol/Nonionic Surfactant/ Phenylacetylene Microemulsions

Monzer M. Fanun, Ahmad Shakarnah, Michael Schwarze, Reinhard Schomäcker, Zackaria Nairoukh, Jochanan Blum


Water/n-propanol/nonionic surfactant /phenylacetylene micellar systems were formulated and used for the hydration ofphenylacetylene. The ratio (w/w) of n-propanol/surfactant equals 2/1. The surfactants were sucrose laurate (L1695) and Marlipal 24/70 (M2470). The extent of the micellar region as function of temperature was determined. The particle hydrodynamic diameters of the oil-in-water micellar systems measured using dynamic light scattering and were found to decrease with temperature for sucrose laurate and to increase for Marlipal 24/70 based systems. In the diluted region microemulsion systems were observed. Highly efficient hydration of phenylacetylene was performed in these microemulsions. The reaction results indicate that hydration of phenylacetylene is more efficient when sucrose laurate was used for the formulation of the microemulsions

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