Highly effective inorganic corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in sodium chloride solution

Syed Abuthahir, Jamal Abdul Nasser, Susai Rajendran


The Corrosion inhibition of a inhibitor namely Nickel complex of 1-(8-hydroxy quinolin-2yl-methyl) thiourea (Ni-HTF) in controlling corrosion of mild steel immersed in aqueous solution containing 60 ppm Cl- has been investigated electrochemically and weight loss method. The formulation consisting of 60 ppm of Cl- and 50 ppm of Ni-HTF offers good inhibition efficiency of 80 %. AC impedance spectra reveal that a protective film is formed on the metal surface. Fluorescence spectral analysis was used to detect the presence of iron-inhibitor complex. The surface morphology has been analyzed by FTIR spectroscopy.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17628/ecb.2013.2.1041-1044


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