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Auhor Guidelines has been updated recently, in order to better smoothness of article processing. Articles submitted hereafter will be considered according to these guidelines.



European Chemical Bulletin (ISSN 2063-5346) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research papers, short communications, and review articles in all areas of chemistry. European Chemical Bulletin has five sections, namely


Section A -    Classical and Advanced Chemical Sciences,

Section B -    Materials and Environmental Chemistry,

Section C -    Chemical and Biological Aspects of Life,

Section D -    Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Biotechnology

Section E -    Theoretical and Computational Chemistry


European Chemical Bulletin is indexed by Chemical Abstract (CA), SciFinder, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), Directory of Research Journals Indexing (DRJI) and is available free of charge as an Open Access Journal on the Internet. Full lengths of the articles and abstracts are available on-line at . European Chemical Bulletin is published by Deuton-X Ltd. by support of Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.


Editors-in-Chief / Section Editors-in-Chief


dr. László Kótai (Europe and America) and prof. dr. Kalyan K. Banerji (Asia, Africa and Australia) 


Section Editors


prof. dr. Tibor Pasinszki, Hungary

prof. dr. Nasib Qureshi, United States

dr. Szabolcs Bálint, Hungary

prof. dr. Raj. N. Mehrotra, India

prof. dr. Stephen R. Hughes, United States  


Editorial Board members


prof. dr. William E. Acree, Jr., United States

dr. Pericles D. Akrivos, Greece

dr. G. V. Bazuev, Russian Federation

prof. dr. Franco Cataldo, Italy

dr. Baiquan Chen, China

dr. Levan Chkhartishvili, Georgia

prof. dr. Zahid H. Chohan, Pakistan

dr. Tibor Cserháti, Hungary

dr. Pierre Dorlet, France

dr. Mohammed I. El-Gamal, Korea

prof. dr. Jean-Claude Guillemin, France

prof. dr. András Guttman, United States

dr. Balázs Hajgató, Belgium

dr. Ayman H. Kamel, Egypt

dr. Ágnes Keszler, United States

prof. dr. Arjan W. Kleij, Spain

Melinda Krebsz, Hungary

dr. Vladimir I. Krupyanko, Russia

dr. Károly Lázár, Hungary

prof. dr. Reinout Meijboom, South Africa

dr. Edward Mikuli, Poland

dr. Liviu Mitu, Romania 

dr. Rajendra P. Pawar, India

dr. Jara Perez-Jimenez, Spain

dr. Vladimir M. Petrusevski, Macedonia

dr. Susai Rajendran, India

dr. Moamen S. Refat, Saudi Arabia

dr. István E. Sajó, Hungary

dr. Moinuddin Sarker, United States

prof. dr. Pradeep K. Sharma, India

dr. Vinita Sharma, India

prof. dr. Andrejs Skesters, Latvia

dr. Klára Szentmihályi,Hungary

dr. Imre M. Szilágyi, Hungary

dr. Daniel Timpu, Romania

prof. Mark M. Turnbull, United States

prof. dr. Mikhail G. Voronkov, Russian Federation



General information


European Chemical Bulletin is an Open Access journal.  The interesting readers can view, download, print, and redistribute our articles without subscription, which guarantees that the author´s work are distributed worldwide and consequently their work will be more cited and exposed. This means that European Chemical Bulletin does not have any income from selling subscriptions to print or on-line versions of European Chemical Bulletin or from charging "pay-per-view" fees, therefore European Chemical Bulletin needs to defray its processing costs by collecting article processing charges.

The article processing charges are paid by the author(s), the author(s)'s research budget, or their supporting institution upon acceptance of the paper for publication. Article Processing Charges for Review article/Scientific article/Short communication: 100 Euro.

For authors of the poorest countries (list of countries is available here) who have no funds or other possibility to pay the fee, but their work contain important research results, ECB gives an opportunity to ask waiving of fee or a discount; however, this must be requested along with submitting the manuscript (request may be included in the cover letter with brief explanation of the financial situation and importance of the result).  ECB can not accept request for waiving or reducing the publication fee after accepting/editing the manuscript. Evaluation of the request strongly depends on the scientific content of the manuscript.
If the research is supplied by any Research Grant, please do not ask waiving the publication fee. The grants finances the research always contains monetary frame for financing the cost of publication.


Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statements

The Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statements document of our journal is available for downolad here (click the link below for download the PDF document).

Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statements (PDF)